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statistic data & soundinstallation

It all began with reading a lot of statistic data during the Covid-19 pandemic. At the beginning, it felt strange to keep up track with numbers, that do certainly have a meaning but at the same time felt so hard to understand. And I caught myself just reading them without really getting the meaning.

Realizing that lack of understanding, I thought about putting something in those numbers or somehow making something positiv and artistic with them.

I started writing a patch with maxMSP to collect data and send it to Ableton Live for controlling effects on my drumset. Here you can see how it looks in Ableton Live - the Covid-19 statistic data as automations:

It was somehow interesting already, but still I felt like it needed some more life in it. So I came up with the idea of making a soundinstallation in the building where my studio is.

I ended up with miking my drums extremely close, sending each microphone to a different speaker and then spreading them around the building as far as possible. That kind of gave the feeling of sitting inside a supernatural drumset.

Sadly, it is very hard to capture that feeling in a stereo recording. Nevertheless, I tried to make an artful video documentation of the installation. Hope you enjoy!


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